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One million bits of pi. Navigate the euclidean plane using the cardinal points. 00 is North, 01 is East, 10 is South and 11 is west. Where will you go on this irrational and transcendental journey ? How far from your origin will you get ?

Your map is 600 x 600 pixels, move 5 every turn. If you go near the edge, the map is cleared, re-centered from where you left off, and you start navigating again. Will your path be long or short ? Direct to the edge or convoluted ? The one millionth bit of Pi is encountered on map 123.

The fundamental constants of maths and physics are immortalized on the Ethereum blockchain in this ongoing project. Other irrational constants to be characterized in future editions include Euler's number, the golden ratio, and the square root of two. Get your very own piece of this extraordinary expedition.


pi track
Map #19
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